First move well, then move often

We believe you should expect to be able to move and feel good no matter how “old” you are. We believe we can help you, because we have helped many people like you.

Whether you’re feeling creaky and weak, are afraid to pick up your kids or grandkids, just want to get back to a little jogging, or want to take your performance to the next level, we’re going to help you be better.

We’ve helped moms, dads, grandparents, nurses, doctors, and therapists get their lives back.

We’ve helped Army Officers, Police, Professional and Academy Football Athletes, and weekend warriors learn how to keep their bodies moving well.

We’ve helped programmers, managers, and executives from various organizations regain and maintain their physical mobility and strength to give them the confidence they need to excel.

We believe it’s our job to help you keep your body ready for your life.

Our clients come to us for many reasons.

  • relieve and solve back pain
  • undo knots in the neck
  • fix poor posture from bad habits and long periods at the computer
  • restore full range of motion to their shoulders
  • learn how to truly heal foot pain
  • resolve knee pain
  • address imbalances in muscle strength and activation to prevent injuries and boost performance
  • get rid of aching in the hips
  • put an end to nerve pain in their arms and hands
  • soothe burning, aching, and other kinds of pain in the shoulders and upper back
  • increase mobility for sports and daily life
  • improve flexibility
  • increase strength
  • fine-tune movement form for athletic performance
  • and maintain physical health to enjoy physical vitality and independence for life!

Our Posture Alignment and Movement Pattern Training (P.A.M.P.T.) system goes beyond traditional medical and physical fitness paradigms. We look at ways to take you beyond pain and misalignment to lift you to a whole new outlook on life.

Whether it’s pain, posture, or performance, SMC Sports Therapy can help you solve the puzzle that’s keeping you from achieving your goals.

  • “I have been suffering with chronic back, neck and joint pain for over 57 years. I’ve tried numerous options in search of a cure or something that would ease my symptoms i.e. GP, NHS, spinal injections, acupuncture, different private therapists and many more all with no avail.

    First meet Shaun late 2013, purely by chance whilst messing around on my son’s laptop. Had no great expectations on my first visit, had learnt over the years that 99% of the therapists I had seen were more interested in making money then my well-being, but from the very first consultation I knew there was something different from anything else I had tried before.

    What makes Shaun so different from the rest is the depth he goes into of the cause of injury, the symptoms, examined my posture and explained to me in great detail what was biomechanically wrong. He designed an exercise program specifically for me, taught me how to do everything correctly, gained a better understanding of how the body works and have gained dramatic improvements, truly amazed.

    From my experience I would highly recommend Shaun to anyone suffering from any biomechanical issues, chronic pain, but be prepared to listen, work and have patients, you will be amazed at what can be achieved with the right guidance”.


    Neil Batra

Michael McIntyre
Professional Comedian

Shawn Jamison
Former NBA and Harlem Globetrotter

When previous treatment or
NHS route has failed

99% of the time my patients have been treated elsewhere with little or no success. I work very different to traditional methods in that I do not seek to label your symptoms, nor do I simply treat your symptoms. We treat the human body as one complete system and we will address the root cause of your symptoms which in most cases is elsewhere in the body.

When surgery has failed or
you wish to avoid it…

I have many success stories where surgery has failed. Sometimes patients can be mis-diagnosed and want to try some alternative treatment like myself before they go through risky surgery.

“What makes Shaun so different from the rest is the depth he goes into of the cause of injury, the symptoms, examined my posture and explained to me in great detail what was biomechanically wrong”… more of testimonial

13th September 2015

Congratulations to Joshveer Shergill who currently attends our clinic and has recently signed for West Bromwich Albion Football Academy.